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Sports News Keep up to date with our tamariki's success at our school and Northern Zone events.

Bellevue Netball 

Year 5 – 6 Netball 2021   

 Netball in 2021 has seen the largest group of netballers playing for the school in years. While it has been another year disrupted by lockdown, our players have always turned up to play their hardest and have enjoyed playing with their teams. We have had school holiday friendlies, a team travelling to a tournament in Hastings and a parent v’s child game (the kids won!). 

This year, we have had many new netball players, many finding belonging as part of their team, a love for the sport and an identity as a player (comments like, “I’m a netballer” being heard).   A huge thank you, must to said to our coaches and managers, all of whom have been working with our netballers for two years. And a special thanks to Kate Ritch, who has just completed her fourth year as a coach!

If you would like to read how our amazing netball teams did this season, follow the link provided 

Year 5-6 Netball Report 2021

Ka pai! We look forward to seeing more enthusiastic netball players for the 2022 season.

Northern Zone Hockey

Today our hockey team the Bellevue Greens went to the National  Hockey Stadium with the other Northern Zone schools for a fun hockey tournament. We played some really good teams. Our team did quite a few really good saves and we played very well. 

We played seven games, lost six and tied one. We both think our team was good but we could be way better if we practiced more. We had an amazing day and we all enjoyed it!

We had lunch on the steps of the stadium and then it was time to go back to school. It was the perfect day for the tournament. 

 By Phoebe and Nicola.

Swimming Success

As a school we would like to celebrate Clare Geursen who got personal bests in all her swim meet races on the weekend.

On Sunday, I went to Paraparaumu pool for a Gold Coast zone swim meet. I belong to a swim club, which allows me to participate in races. 

The meet is about getting your own Personal best (PB), not racing against other people. There were lots of other swim clubs there as well. The pool was deeper than I am used to, but in the end, I found that I like that pool more!! 

The events that I participated in  were: 100 m breaststroke (4 lengths), 100 m freestyle, and 50 m breaststroke (2 lengths). My times were: 100 m breaststroke- 1:54m, 100 m freestyle- 1:41m, and 50 m breaststroke - 44s. I got a PB for all of them!

 It was a really cool experience and I hope to do another swim meet soon!!

Northern Zone Cross Country

On Thursday the 27 May, 2021, 30 year 4,5 and 6s from Bellevue school went to Grenada North to participate in Northern Zone Cross Country. 

Northern Zone is the next level up from school cross country. The top 5 go through to Northern Zone.

First up was the year 4's. The girls went first and did really well. Then the boys went and they also did well. The year 7 and 8's went next, so we got to have a break. After that was the year 5's and Pippa and Sam got through to Inter Zone, which is the next level! 

Then the year 6's went and Mana also got through to Inter Zone! All of the Bellevue students were very behaved and we got lots of nice comments afterwards.

We also made up chant that goes like this: Give me a B! Give me an E! Give me a L-L-E-V-U-E! Goooooo BELLEVUE!

 It was a really fun experience, and we all did an awesome job. Congratulations to Sam, Pippa and Mana and everyone else who participated!

 By Lucy and Clare G, rooms 14 and 15.

Touch Rugby

Blaze have had a great 6 weeks. They have played well as a team, learnt new skills, pushed themselves and just had fun.  They got better as the weeks went on and came away with the 1st place trophy for yr 3/4 mixed grade. Mickey got awarded Most Valuable Player  Ananya got awarded Most Impressive/Improved  Player.  Kris and I are really proud of them all. 

 Blast went into the competition confident and strong. They showed great maturity and  sportsmanship in every game. They were always respectful to players and everyone on the sidelines.  Their skills improved weekly and they all had a great time.  They left the competition unbeaten and took 1st place trophy for yr 5/6 mixed grade.  Aaron and I appreciate the hard work they put in each week. 

 Northern Zone Football

We were in the Bellevue Dragons. The players were Shiv, Natish, Leo, Melody, Lucas, Ananya, Manav, Zac, Nasrudiin, Mason and Ansh. Our first game was against Paparangi Panthers. We won 2-1. Natish scored 2 goals for us. Our second game we won 3-1. Natish scored 1, Ansh scored another goal. The third goal was in the second half and it was an own goal. We versed Amesbury. The scores of the other games were 2-0, 1-1 and 3-2. Some teams played really well. But we managed to beat a few, one of them we tied and one we lost. Most of us liked the last game the most because we were 2-0 down but we scored 3 goals and we won! Overall we had lots of exciting times, and we would love to go again.

By The Bellevue Dragons

Northern Zone Football was very fun, bellevue butterflies won ⅗  of our games the same as the Bellevue Dragons. There were a lot of injuries. We faced Amesbury school we also faced, Pāpārangi twice, Newlands School and Crofton Downs.  It was very noisy, we played at Alex Moore Park. The Bellevue Butterflies biggest win was 5-1.  Overall it was very fun but some teams were not friendly but we showed resilience to deal with it. The first game went well. We won 2-1 Silas scored all the goals but he was assisted. The second game we won 5-1 Aarav scored and Silas scored the rest. The third game we tied 1-1 Mason scored our goal. Our fourth game we won 4-1 Zeus scored 1 and Silas scored the rest, all were assisted. Our last game was the only game we lost. It was 3-0 to them which was sad but over all it was supper fun and we would love to do it again.

By The Bellevue Butterflies

Athletics Day 2021

It was a beautiful day for Athletics this year, with the sun shining and no wind. Hubs 3-5 participated different events throughout the day to demonstrate the athletic skills they have been taught through Term 1 and to try out for Northern Zone Athletics that will be happening in Term 1.

Thank you to the parents that helped support the day and to those families who supported their child.

Northern Zone Cricket

At 9:20am we got to Alex Moore park to play some cricket. Up first we played Paparangi and set a score of 56 runs and we won. Then we played Ngaio and set a score of 48 and we won by 4 runs.  Next we played Johnsonville and got a score of 46 runs and Johnsonville only got 12 runs. Last but not least we played Khandallah and made a score of 40 runs and won by 9 runs. At the end we won 4 out of 4 games and had lots of fun! 

 By Kooper and Lewis

Kia ora, welcome back to another action packed year of sporting opportunities for our tamariki. 

As it is the beginning of a new year we believe it is a fantastic opportunity to give you some information on our Physical Education programme. 

At Bellevue School we are a part of a cluster of schools across the Wellington Region who use SportStart. This programme was developed by Sport Canterbury. 

SportStart is focused on developing healthy, positive attitudes towards physical activity centered in the context of overall hauora (a holistic Māori philosophy of health and wellbeing unique to New Zealand). 

The programme looks at physical literacy, which is the development of fundamental movement and sport skills. It also develops critical thinking and communication skills.

 Just as we support students to develop the skills of Reading or Writing, learning how to play a sport is exactly the same. SportStart allows our students to explore, learn, apply, refine and finally excel in movement. They achieve this by participating in the following categories of games; invasion, striking and fielding, net and wall, target, athletics and gymnastics. 

Through these core games students are able to transfer their skills into any specific sport. What we are striving for our students to learn when they take part in physical activities are: - Strong fundamental movement skills 

- Understanding the concept of games

- Apply their skills to a wide range of games 

- Have the confidence to try new activities 

- Enjoy participating in physical activity. 

Source: Sport Canterbury 

This year if you have any questions in regards to sports please feel free to email Jenny - 

Here’s to a year of sporting achievement and participation!

Northern Zone Cross Country 2020

This year we had 30 students participate in the Northern Zone cross country event at Grenada North Park.

The day was perfect for a cross country run and all the students did their very best. As a team we celebrated Pippa Holden, Sam Stratton and Lucy Foster making it through to Inter Zone cross country in their respected year levels. 

Tino pai to all the students involved and thank you to the families who helped out on the day.