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Keep up to date with our tamariki's success at our school and Northern Zone events.

Northern Zone Cricket

At 9:20am we got to Alex Moore park to play some cricket. Up first we played Paparangi and set a score of 56 runs and we won. Then we played Ngaio and set a score of 48 and we won by 4 runs.  Next we played Johnsonville and got a score of 46 runs and Johnsonville only got 12 runs. Last but not least we played Khandallah and made a score of 40 runs and won by 9 runs. At the end we won 4 out of 4 games and had lots of fun! 

 By Kooper and Lewis

Kia ora, welcome back to another action packed year of sporting opportunities for our tamariki. 

As it is the beginning of a new year we believe it is a fantastic opportunity to give you some information on our Physical Education programme. 

At Bellevue School we are a part of a cluster of schools across the Wellington Region who use SportStart. This programme was developed by Sport Canterbury. 

SportStart is focused on developing healthy, positive attitudes towards physical activity centered in the context of overall hauora (a holistic Māori philosophy of health and wellbeing unique to New Zealand). 

The programme looks at physical literacy, which is the development of fundamental movement and sport skills. It also develops critical thinking and communication skills.

 Just as we support students to develop the skills of Reading or Writing, learning how to play a sport is exactly the same. SportStart allows our students to explore, learn, apply, refine and finally excel in movement. They achieve this by participating in the following categories of games; invasion, striking and fielding, net and wall, target, athletics and gymnastics. 

Through these core games students are able to transfer their skills into any specific sport. What we are striving for our students to learn when they take part in physical activities are: - Strong fundamental movement skills 

- Understanding the concept of games

- Apply their skills to a wide range of games 

- Have the confidence to try new activities 

- Enjoy participating in physical activity. 

Source: Sport Canterbury 

This year if you have any questions in regards to sports please feel free to email Jenny - 

Here’s to a year of sporting achievement and participation!

Northern Zone Cross Country 2020

This year we had 30 students participate in the Northern Zone cross country event at Grenada North Park.

The day was perfect for a cross country run and all the students did their very best. As a team we celebrated Pippa Holden, Sam Stratton and Lucy Foster making it through to Inter Zone cross country in their respected year levels. 

Tino pai to all the students involved and thank you to the families who helped out on the day.