Bellevue School

Bellevue School's Home Learning Challenge

Bellevue’s Enduring Love of Learning (BELL) Challenge

Years 3 - 6 students can elect to complete Bellevue School’s optional Home Learning challenge, the BELL challenge.

It is a challenge that is completed in addition to the compulsory home learning that is set by their teacher.

The aim of the challenge is to show the children that learning takes place in all parts of their lives and is an enjoyable thing to do.  It incorporates out of school activities that they may already be doing and encourages them to begin new learning experiences. 

There are a different set of challenges for each year.  They are as follows:

·        Year Three – Bancroft Challenge

·        Year Four – Kenmore Challenge

·        Year Five  – Horokiwi West Challenge

·        Year Six – Stewart Challenge

The requirements are as follows:

·        Students must complete a minimum of seven challenges.  These challenges are to be completed in their own time rather than school time.

·        Students may do more than seven challenges if you wish.

·        Students must complete at least one challenge from each section.

·        With the help of parents and teachers students may write their own challenges. The challenges must be approved by the student’s teacher before they begin the challenge and then presented as part of your portfolio.

·        All completed tasks need to be seen by the class teacher and marked off on this sheet by the student, one of the parents and their teacher.  This needs to be done throughout as each challenge is completed.  Please do not leave everything until the end of the year.

·        It is up to the students to meet with their teacher and show that they have completed each challenge (self-check, parent check and some evidence).

·        Students need to collect and keep evidence of all their work in a portfolio.  Photos can be taken, the challenge can be written about and copies of certificates can be included.  Portfolios can be done electronically or kept in a clearfile.   Portfolios need to be well presented and each item should be easy to access and read.  The purpose of this is so that students can show their teacher proof that they have completed a task and provides a lasting record of their amazing achievements.

·        It is quality not quantity that counts so students need to take their time with each challenge, work hard on each and complete it with excellence!

·        If students complete the seven challenges they receive a badge, certificate and their photo, along with all the other successful challengers, will be on the front of the 2018 booklet!

As mentioned earlier, this challenge is optional.  If your child does not want to complete it then that is fine.  We want to encourage a love of learning and if this challenge causes arguments at home then that love of learning dissipates for everyone in the family!

Copies of each challenge can be found here.

If you have any queries about this challenge please contact Deeann Daniels