Bellevue School


Whānau Classes 2021

Organisation for whā̄nau classes for 2021, including the teacher, the name they wish to be called by the children (in brackets) and year levels in each whānau room:-

 Hub 1                    

Room 1/Rocket Room - New Entrant Anne Smith (Mrs Smith)                    

Room 2 - New Entrant/Year 1 Phoebe Ayers (Miss A)                 

Room 3 - New Entrant/Year 1 Deirdre McArthur (Deirdre)         

Room 4 - New Entrant/Year 1 Yolandi Van Vuuren (Miss Yolandi)           

Hub 2             

Room 7 - Year 2 Anne Gullen (Anne)           

Room 8 - Year 2 Briar Parker (Briar)              

Room9 - Year 2 Nichaela Taylor ( Miss Taylor )               

Hub 3             

Room10 - Year 2 Emma Cummings (Emma)             

Room 11 - Year 2 Megan Walters (Ms Walters)            

Hub 4             

Room 5 - Year 4 Jane McCauley (Jane)           

Room 6 - Year 4 Cassie Woodhouse (Cassie)                 

Hub 5          

Room 12 - Year 5/6 Deeann Daniels (Deeann) + Vicky Simes (Vicky)          

Room 13 - Year 5/6 Jenny George (Ms George)         

Room 14 - Year 5/6 Rachael Cobham (Rachael)             

Room 15 - Year 5/6 Isabel Bridgman (Miss Bridgman) 


Mandy Toms (Mrs Toms), Gabrielle Gilbert (Gabrielle), Anneke McLean (Anneke), Erin Taylor-Levey (Erin) and Jake Payton (Jake) work to assist students/teachers in classes. Sarah Elton (Sarah) is in the library, while Amanda Beauchamp (Amanda) and Michele Clarke (Michele) work in the office. Karen Hardie (Ms Hardie) and Annette Borgonje (Annette) work in the administration area, and in classrooms as required. 

 Classes are organised in five Learning Hubs that work collaboratively together. Although your child is working with more than one teacher in these hubs, their whā̄nau teacher is your first point of contact throughout the year. Please contact them if there is something you wish to clarify or discuss. Even if it seems a small thing we urge you to talk directly with your child’s teacher so that it does not become a big issue for them or for you.