Bellevue School

School Events in 2021

It is lovely to be back at school and we are planning to fit in as many events as possible that were missed last year due to COVID.  These include:

Term 1

Whānau / Aspiration Meetings - 2nd February

St Johns – Safety/First Aid and Emergency Response in classes

Northern Zone Cricket and Soccer Tournaments (Hub 5)

Island Bay Marine Reserve visits

Nano Girl Science Show

Term 1 Community Evenings – 

Supporting children to navigate the online world safely and with confidence - Netsafe Community Presentation Monday 8 March 6.30 -7.30pm

Mathematics - Wednesday 14 April - Time 6- 7.30 meet in school hall.

Term 2

Follow up Netsafe Parent & Community Session - Workshop & practical support - Monday 10th May 6.30 - 7.45pm 

Creatives in Schools – working with a local artist

Cross Country

Kaboom Percussion Show

Mid Year Written Reports come home

Term 2 Community Evenings – 

Three Way Conferences - Date TBC - beginning Term 2

Matariki - Wednesday 7 July

Term 3

Three Way Conferences - Date TBC - beginning Term 3

School production – writing, producing, performing 

Science Roadshow

Term 3 Community Evenings – 

Play Based Learning - Wednesday 25th August 6.30 - 7.30pm

Whole School Production- Friday 24 September - Time TBC

Term 4

Emergency Evacuation – whole school practise/reunification with whānau

Swimming for all hubs – Hub 1&2 at Rewa Rewa Pool, Hubs 3-5 at Keith Spry Johnsonville Pool

Mid Year Written Reports come home - 8 December

Term 4 Community Evenings – 

Open day/evening of sharing in classes/hubs Monday 29th November 3-6pm

Helpers Morning Tea - Thursday 9th December 10.15 - 11.15am