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Every parent is unique and hence parents his or her children differently. For that reason what is of help to one parent, may not work for another. And generally, parents that really need the help are the ones that are going to be looking at the easiest fit for them.


Research has indicated parent support and education groups were likely sources of support for only one in four low income parents.


Parents have often turned to the internet for information, support, and guidance. These parents appreciated the convenience and speed of information delivered by the internet and social media and found comfort in the anonymity. (Humans by nature are not comfortable with change and are uneasy around people who are different). Studies have shown the Internet provides an exciting opportunity for delivering evidence-based parenting support to a broad range of parents, including higher-risk families.


The Incredible Years parent training intervention... focuses on strengthening parenting competencies and fostering parents’ involvement in their children’s activities in order to promote children’s behavioural and emotional well-being. It is a highly though of and a proven course. It allows parents to get together and meet and share their thoughts and ideas with other like parents.


However, when you have the added stresses of a solo working parent, sometimes it is not easy to find time out to attend courses like this. In addition a lot of parents find that a multitude of strategies is often helpful to have in reserve.


This brings me then, to the reason I write to you. I wish to bring your attention to the online course I offer parents, at no cost.


Here’s why you should give the following a second glance -  What I offer is based on a Filial Parenting Program, which is a child centred, research-supported model, that emphasises the parent-child relationship as a means of alleviating child and family difficulties. Through this model, parents/caregivers learn to be more aware of their children developmentally, emotionally, and relationally. (Filial therapy draws from psychodynamic, family systems, developmental, and behavioural theories, among others. The method is a psychoeducational intervention designed to teach skills to parents. The skills parents learn assist them in helping children overcome difficulties and/or improve parenting practices.) The advantages of this Program are it is free, and is permanently available for referencing to via the website It is also delivered in an easy to read and watch manner.


If you have a browse you will see at the foundation of this Course is the ability to learn to listen better to our children, to master the art of reflecting their feelings and behaviours, and in turn be empathic to their needs, which ultimately provides the basis for much better communication and relationship. Also a quadrant of this basis is effective limit setting, which helps parents immensely. Because this is based on filial therapy parents are also encouraged to spend, if even, a half an hour once a week with special time with their child, wholly devoted to practising these skills, which in turn will enrich their relationships and help the child.


What it teaches is simple, but affective, and I urge you to look at it yourself and pass on any recommendations to those you may feel might


Regards (and thank you for your time)    

Brigid Carkeek   

Community Badminton Sessions Term 2/3 2021

Come along and play badminton, get active, get involved and have fun!

Sessions are open to all ages, stages and abilities and are free of charge.

  • Aotea College Mondays 4-5.15pm
  • Bishop Viard College Wednesdays 4-5.30pm


Wonderplay Drama Special! Join today and pay only 50% of the term fee! Tuesdays 3.45pm: 9-12yrs, 4.45pm: Teens. Saturday 10-11am: 5-8 year olds. All at Churton Park Community Centre. Special is for new students only. Please contact Debs 021-172-2836,



Sunshine Drama offers creative drama and singing classes in a supportive, fun and action packed learning environment. Sessions engage and challenge imaginative minds to build acting or singing techniques and ability, whilst growing student confidence, communication and social skills. Our timetable provides classes for students aged 4-16 years and runs after school and on Saturdays. 

For further information, enrolments or to arrange a free trial class:  or contact Jenae on 0274 380 533 or email /


Children LOVE learning how to Cartwheel, Round-off, Handspring and Flip at BIGAIR GYMs Classes! Children develop strength, flexibility, balance, proprioception, plus determination and self-confidence as they achieve new skills! BIGAIR’s GYMNASTICS, TUMBLING, FREE RUNNING & TRAMPOLINE classes are excellent for fun and fitness! We focus on safety, technique, fundamental skills, right through to more advanced skills, such as summersaults and twisting. Bigair Gym is a clean, pristine, exciting, kid friendly, state of the art gym facility! Our experienced coaches run structured & fun gym classes. Children learn amazing life skills through these classes, including self-confidence, achievement, determination, persistence,.