Bellevue School

Enviroschools is a national programme guided by The Enviroschools Foundation. It is a unique sustainability journey that more than 950 early childhood education centres and schools in New Zealand are on. We are lucky enough to have joined this network of schools. The Enviroschools’ network includes a combined roll of (approx.) 250,000 children and young people – that’s about 30% of current schools and early childhood centres in New Zealand.

It involves students taking a commitment to long-term change and sustainability practices and action throughout the school community. It is designed to engage young people in creating healthy, peaceful and sustainable schools and communities. Children learn from real-life projects to transform their environments eg: recycling, composting, gardening, hydroponics, murals, solar panels, learning about traditional Maori customs and much more. It is an action-based approach to education, children plan, design and implement sustainable projects and become catalysts for change in their families and the wider community.

Some of the benefits of the Enviroschools programme to schools include; action-based learning, deepening knowledge about ecological sustainability and community resilience, creating genuine leadership opportunities for students and cost-savings through more efficient school-wide practices.

For more information please take a look at the Enviroschools website: