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Bellevue Primary School is a state school providing quality education for 5-11 year old students for their Year 1 to Year 6 schooling.

Our school is: 

  • a friendly, caring and inclusive learning environment
  • is appreciative of, and celebrates, our wide range of cultures and ethnicity
  • located in the northern suburb of Newlands in Wellington
  • a 'Decile 8' primary school that contributes to a local intermediate for Year 7 and Year 8 
  • divided into three teaching teams that cater for New Entrants  to Year 6 students
  • currently operating fifteen classes
  • supportive of students moving from Early Childcare and Kindergarten to our New Entrants, and from our Year 6 classes to their next stage of learning at intermediate
  • focused on encouraging life long learning in all our students and the adults who work with them

 Our classes are organised into five teaching teams:

  • Hub 1- New Entrant to Year 1 students
  • Hub 2 - Year 2 students
  • Hub 3 - Year 3 students
  • Hub 4 - Year 4 students
  • Hub 5 - Year 5 and Year 6 students (composite classes)

  • Supported by the administration and management team          

Our teams work closely together to plan and implement programmes to meet the learning needs of students.  Teachers focus on differentiating and personalising programmes to meet student needs and stages of development.  They plan and teach multi-level programmes which include the core curriculum areas of literacy and numeracy along with a balance of other learning areas.

Our school has fifteen classrooms, a school hall, a library and extensive outside playgrounds.  It is well resourced for both students and teachers, fully networked and each classroom has access to a variety of learning tools including digital devices such as computers, chromebooks and iPads to support learning.

The hall is used daily as a base by Kapai Kidz for out of school care programmes.  This is run as a private business within the school environment.  The Kapai Kidz programme operates before and after school during term time. They also run holiday programmes during the school breaks.

Our students enrol from the wider area of Newlands. Bellevue and Newlands Kindergartens both feed into the school as do the local Playcentre and a wide range of other Early Education Centres.  Regular pre-school visits are an important part of the transition to school.  The majority of pre-schoolers visit at least three times before they officially start school. Enrolment packs are available from the office.  

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