Bellevue School

Student Council

The Student Council meet once a fortnight to discuss student concerns, ideas and charity fundraisers.  

Two student councillors are selected by their peers in each of the Year 4 - 6 whānau classes and one from each of the Year 1-3 classes. These students plot out the charity fundraising events for the year, discuss how they will run, communicate events with the wider school and get things happening!  

Our motto?  'Just do it!'

Just some of the things the student council have been involved in recently - 

Star Wars Day

Pink Shirt Day - Anti Bullying Campaign

Games stands at the Book Fair

Onesie Day for Wellington Free Ambulance

The Disco

Pack the Bus (The Breeze Radio)

SPCA collection of donations

Below are some picture of our visit to Wellington SPCA to drop off our donations -