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About Us

Bellevue Primary School is a state school providing quality education for 5-11 year old students for their Year 1 to Year 6 schooling.

Our school is: 

  • a friendly, caring and inclusive learning environment

  • is appreciative of, and celebrates, our wide range of cultures and ethnicity

  • located in the northern suburb of Newlands in Wellington

  • a 'Decile 8' primary school that contributes to a local intermediate for Year 7 and Year 8 

  • made up of collaborative teaching teams that cater to the needs of New Entrants through to Year 6 

  • supportive of students moving from Early Childcare and Kindergarten to our New Entrants, and from our Year 6 classes to their next stage of learning at intermediate

  • focused on encouraging life long learning in all our students and the adults who work with them


 Our classes are organised into five teaching teams:

  • Hub 1- New Entrant to Year 1 students

  • Hub 2 - Year 2 students

  • Hub 3 - Year 3 students

  • Hub 4 - Year 4 students

  • Hub 5 - Year 5 and Year 6 students (composite classes)


Supported by the administration and management team          

Our teams work closely together to plan and implement programmes to meet the learning needs of students. Teachers focus on differentiating and personalising programmes to meet student needs and stages of development.  They plan and teach multi-level programmes which include the core curriculum areas of literacy and numeracy along with a balance of other learning areas.

Our school has fifteen classrooms, a school hall, a library and extensive outside playgrounds. It is well resourced for both students and teachers, fully networked and each classroom has access to a variety of learning tools including digital devices such as computers, chromebooks and iPads to enhance learning.

The hall is used daily as a base by Kapai Kidz for out of school care programmes.  This is run as a private business within the school environment. The Kapai Kidz programme operates before and after school during term time. They also run holiday programmes during the school breaks.

Our students enrol from the wider area of Newlands. Bellevue and Newlands Kindergartens both feed into the school as do the local Playcentre and a wide range of other Early Education Centres. Regular pre-school visits are an important part of the transition to school.  The majority of pre-schoolers visit at least three times before they officially start school.


Enrol online or pick up and enrolment pack from the office.  

Phone 04 478 7037 or email 


Learner Profile

We aim for our learners to be:-

  • Confident in self,  have a positive mind-set and can do attitude

  • Articulate, an effective communicator

  • Inquisitive, inquiring, asking questions

  • Resourceful, a problem finder and a problem solver

  • Flexible, able to cope with change

  • Resilient, to persevere, to work through challenges, to solve problems 

  • Respectful of self and others

  • Inclusive, care for others, know how to interact with people

  • Enthusiastic, value and enjoy learning

  • Future focused, motivated, with skills and attitudes to get on in life

  • Reflective, deep thinkers, aware of own strengths,

  • Risk takers, open to learning, taking on challenges, making mistakes

  • Aware of ako, able to learn from and teach others

  • Self-starters, actively involved, making the most of learning opportunities

  • Responsible, self-directing, self-managing their learning and behaviour to achieve

  • Academically grounded, with skills in Mathematics and Literacy

  • Appreciative of diversity, respectful and knowledgeable about their own, Māori and other cultures

  • Curious and involved, making positive impact in and beyond the school learning community


Māori Learner Profile

During their time at Bellevue School whānau and kura work in partnership so that our Māori students leave Bellevue School successful as Māori.  


We aim for them to be:-

  • Curious ie: curious about their own cultural background and backgrounds of others, about Māori traditions and practices (eg: kapa haka, Matariki) and about their learning pathways.

  • Kaitiaki (guardians) ie: kaitiaki of te reo Māori, tikanga, traditions, their whakapapa, their learning, their school, Papakāinga, the environment (eg: Te mana o te wai), local resources (including people).

  • Understanding of Māori history in Aotearoa ie: have an understanding of local and national history.

  • Connected, for example: by whanaungatanga to the school, the environment and local resources.

  • Proud of their whakapapa, for example: exploring through personal pepeha, Treaty of Waitangi, history, Kapa Haka, whānau and iwi connections, performing arts, myths and legends, connections with Papakāinga and Marae.


Our Learning Dispositions

  • Curiosity/Discovering

  • Collaboration/Team work

  • Resilience/Perseverance

  • Risk-taking

  • Self-managing

 Our Foundations

  • Inquiry and making connections

  • Creating – using knowledge in new ways

  • Personalised learning

  • Student ownership of learning

  • Learning how to learn

  • Thinking about thinking

  • Examples and modelling

  • Assessment for learning

  • Inclusion

  • Play-based learning


Our Broad Strategic Goals

Achieve high standards for all students across the curriculum so that they become active learners, including building strong foundations in literacy and numeracy.


Encourage creative and critical thinking skills that promote a mind-set for life-long learning.


Foster manaakitanga (values) and whanaungatanga (building relationships and connections) within our wider learning community to develop connected and respectful students.


Provide an inclusive learning environment that develops and reinforces Bellevue School curriculum values.


Promote engagement, learning opportunities and achievement for all.


Support a coherent pathway for learners as they move from Early Childcare to Primary, then Intermediate and College.

Our Learning Dispositions / Foundations / Broad Strategic Goals

Our Learning

Learning is based on student needs and interests. It is shaped by Kath Murdoch’s inquiry model which includes:- 

  • Tuning in

  • Finding out

  • Sorting out

  • Reflecting and Acting

  • Evaluating

Our Diversity 

Bellevue is an inclusive school where we work to help every student feel that they belong. We welcome, encourage and provide opportunities for students to participate in all aspects of school life. We have high expectations of all learners and work to develop a strong sense of belonging  and foster student identity, language and culture.  Diversity is celebrated with school-wide practices and classroom programmes that respond to student’s needs, skills, interests, cultures and backgrounds.


We continue to develop practices that reflect and value the language, culture and identity of Māori while valuing Pasifika and other diverse cultures in our learning community too. 


The curriculum is planned and resourced with a focus on the uniqueness of our bicultural heritage also the diversity of all learners in the school.


We work with whānau and the wider community to develop strong relationships with the aim of all students seeing Bellevue as 'their place'.



Our Conceptual Framework 

We aim to develop programmes that connect learning areas, values, key competences, learning dispositions and are relevant to our student’s interests, lives and futures. 


Some of the ‘Big Ideas’, concepts or provocations that we base our teaching and learning on are connected to:-   

  • My world and beyond (Tōku Anō Ao) eg: Our place/Our space, My space/My place – me and beyond, Ko wai au? Ko wai koe? 

  • Changes (Huringa) eg: transformation, space and time, cause and effect, resilience

  • Guardianship (Kaitiakitanga) – our diverse world (Matapopore) eg: culture and identity, ourselves and beyond, citizenship, humanity, 

  • Enterprise and how things work (Pāuaua) eg: innovation, investigation, our needs and wants, asking questions such as ‘What is the problem? How do we contribute to the development/well-being of our society?’, global connections

  • Sustainability (Whakauka) eg: our taonga, trash or treasure, Reuse/Reduce/Recycle, exporting the impact of our practices (social, cultural, scientific, technological, economic, political) on society and the environment

  • Creativity (Auahatanga) eg: play-based learning, using the arts or Information Technology in new ways



Click here for the Bellevue School 2018 ERO Report

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