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Hub 5 Writing Corner

A collection of writing from Hub 5 students

Speeches 2022

This year Hub 5 students learnt how to write speeches. They had to chose a topic that was personal to them or a topic they had an interest in. They then presented their speeches in their whānau classes, where two students from each class were chosen to present to the whole hub, Hub 4, Deeann and Annette.

This year Anna, Timothy, Rose, Sean, EJ and Kyle were the finalists and the overall winners were Sean and Rose who both received a $20 Whitcoulls voucher.

My Autobiographical collage


My life is curious, wonderful and confusing like a water slide with hard twists and soft turns.


I have watched many spectacular things in my life but the most stunning was when I watched a blue penguin playfully kick and flap around in the soft surf as people watched on from the bank.


I once had to ride in my car for 4 hours to go see my grandparents for their 50th wedding anniversary and it was so worth it to see the smiles on their faces as all of us embraced.


I once had a special toy viking ship from my grandparents that represented the small part of Swedish I am but it smashed on the floor when I was seven and we haven't managed to repair it.


I am now 10 years old and have seen the world in bright flashy colours through wondrous eyes open as wide as onions.


I once saw a blazing hot fire dancing like no one was watching, blowing in the soft wind and surrounded by a circle of grey shiny stones and pebbles reflecting the light of the fire on their surface as people watched on in awe.


I have felt the softness of my cat's fur as I bury my face in it and let it slowly soak up my tears and warm up my cheeks.


It is so important to me that every family gets a home, food, love and education and when this doesn’t  happen it is devastating to me.


I used to think that everyone should be treated the exact same but now I think we should get what we need to help us along our twisting road in life.


I don’t understand why being a specific colour makes you less than others?


I also don’t understand why English words are said differently to how they are spelt and why we need silent letters if they are silent?


I HATE racism and sexism. It's some of the major things that get’s under my skin.


I believe the cutest animals in the world are penguins with their long beaks, soft tummies and unusual habits.


I used to love watching tv but since then I have become more active and more artsy so I don't care much for television anymore.


I have lost love for people, friendship and grudges against people.


I hope when I grow up I will have crazy and healthy kids, a loving and caring partner and most importantly a snuggly dog.


Emily 2022

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