Our Students

At Bellevue School we like to provide opportunities for our students to grow as leaders.

As children progress through the school, we foster their leadership skills by encouraging them to take on roles and responsibilities that support others, grow their skills, and contribute to the wider school community.

Just like the ‘real world’, the students apply for these roles, are given training and develop their leadership with the support and guidance of their mentor teachers and their peers.


It is our aim that the students become the kaitiaki (guardians) of their place.


School Librarians

We have a large number of responsible and reliable Hub 5 (Year 5 & 6) students who take on the roll of librarian.


Here are some quotes from our librarians -

My role as a librarian is to...


1. Issue, return and shelve the books

2. Be a role model

3. Help people in the library  (Samitha)


...take a role of leadership and it's also actually a lot of fun.  I love being a librarian even though I'm new to the job.  Probably my favourite part is the librarian awards! (Atrisa)


... treat others with respect and to help people think that being a librarian is cool (which it is!).  I have always admired librarians from a young age - you see my sister was a librarian and I always visited the library - plus I am helping the school.  (Harper)


...help the kids that need helping ....and you have lots of fun while doing it.  Plus you can tick something off your Bell Challenge as well!).  (Kendra)


...do with reading.  If I wanted to I would buy the whole library!  (Quinn)


..be a responsible and organised person.  I am always there for my duty.  I love helping others find good books to read.  I want others to be more interested in reading.  I always make sure everyone tidies up after themselves. (Aanya)


...encourage others to find books they're interested in...I really enjoy seeing people reading the books!  (Parvathy)

...make sure the library is quiet, tidy and in the situation that I would wish it to be when I visit.  In my opinion the library is a treasure that we need to look after.  (Nour)


...scan books and as a librarian I can borrow as many books as I like.  It's being responsible for doing a job and I like that.  (Dylan)


...help others and commit to do a job - the library is the best place to do that. (Katherine)


...helping little kids.  I enjoy doing librarian meetings and working with others or helping the community.  (Phoebe)


...help out the school and step up. I am still learning new things but I really enjoy this leadership role. (Thea)


...love to help people and love books! (Nuhaik)


...like books.  When I was in Hub 4 I got to be a librarian and it was really fun so this year I decided to be a school librarian. (Emma)


...love to read!  I also LOVE to read books to younger kids.  When I'm old enough I want a part time job working in a library or being a librarian. (Kaitlin)


...be a role model.  As a Year 6 I felt I should be a role model to those younger than me and a librarian does many things to help younger children.  I can be a role model to them by showing them how to be responsible, respectful and many other things. 


...have a lot of fun helping juniors with their books. (Josie)


...work in a joyful space.  I come to the library feeling like I have a big job to do. Having a responsibility like this means the whole school depends on us being there. (Tabby)


...love your job and never want to pick a different one!  (Charli)


Peer Mediators

Our Peer Mediator group support students and the duty teachers to have an enjoyable lunchtime.  

Some thoughts from the team - 

My Job as a Peer Mediator is helping my peers (people in my school) when they can’t solve the problems themselves. – Josie



My Job is to help you solve your problems. – Seren



My job is to help people solve their problems. – Shriya



My Job as a Peer Mediator is to help other kids sort out arguments. – Mason



My job as a Peer Mediator is to:-

  • make tough choices

  • be a role model for the school

  • keep the school safe

  • show the school values - Maia



My job as a Peer Mediator is to look after my peers and make sure this school is all positive vibes. - Harper



My job as a Peer Mediator is keeping people safe and happy. - Zain



My job as a Peer Mediator is solving problems that have gone wrong. - Savain



My job as a Peer Mediator is to keep people safe and happy. - Darsheel



My job is helping solve small problems that happen once or twice every week. - Luc



My job is to 

  • help people to solve their problems themselves

  • be a role model. - Eden


Student Council

The Student Council meet once a fortnight to discuss student concerns, ideas and charity fundraisers.  

Two student councillors are selected by their peers in each of the Year 4 - 6 whānau classes and one from each of the Year 1-3 classes. These students plot out the charity fundraising events for the year, discuss how they will run, communicate events with the wider school and get things happening!  

Our motto?  'Just do it!'

Just some of the things the student council have been involved in recently - 

Star Wars Day

Pink Shirt Day - Anti Bullying Campaign

Games stands at the Book Fair

Onesie Day for Wellington Free Ambulance

The Disco

Pack the Bus (The Breeze Radio)

SPCA collection of donations


In their own words -



In student council we help with fundraising and events,

Try to make school a better place , think of ideas , and make the world a better place,

We listen to our classmates and bring their ideas to meetings.

We are role models. We don't tell others what we show others what to do,

We organise events, help our community, keep others informed (emails, newsletter, etc), inform other students of what is coming up in hub time.

We support good causes and include others.


Playpod Monitors

In our middle playground we are lucky enough to have a huge container housing all sorts of exciting loose parts, barriers, cones, fabrics and old household gear that is incredible for developing imaginative play.  


In Terms 1 and 4 each year this is open every fine lunch time for the students to use.


Luckily we also have a committed team of monitors who take care of pulling out the equipment, supporting play and getting it properly tidied up each lunch time too.

Check out the 2020 team!